Hoosier Tech Support

Who's Your Tech?

That's right, who's your tech? Does your tech guide you through the process? Is your tech looking out for your best interests, or their own?

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Hoosier Technology Security

Who's Your Tech?

That's right, who's your tech? Are you confident that your critical business data is secure and backed up?

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Hoosier Tech Communicates

Who's Your Tech?

That's right, who's your tech? Is your tech available? Do they know the answers to your questions? Do they get back to you in a timely manner?

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Hoosier Technology brings corporate IT experience to a personal level, providing technical services and support for small to medium-sized businesses in East Central Indiana.

Four Reasons to contact Hoosier Tech Now!

Technical Support

1From a single home office PC, to a multi-site network environment – Hoosier Technology can help you build, maintain, and improve the technical resources that your business relies upon. Computers running slow? Time to upgrade to a server? Wireless vs. wired? Are you getting the best from your current network environment? Do you have the access to the information you need? Contact us – we can help.

IT Consultation

2Hoosier Technology will serve as your local IT staff, working with your staff, colleagues, or outside vendors to represent the technology interests of your business, along side your management team, or on your behalf. You have a business to manage, let us handle your technology needs.


3Whether it’s getting more out of the basic word processing or spreadsheet applications you already use on a daily basis, or helping you maximize the benefit of software applications specific to your industry – Hoosier Technology will help you gain every efficiency through understanding your business needs and working directly with you to ensure you’re getting the most for your training and workflow efforts.

Backup & Security

4Protecting your important data may not seem vital unless you’ve been through the pain and cost of losing it. Whether defending against disaster, virus or related threats, or securing access to information – Hoosier Technology can provide the proper scale solution for your specific needs.