The Hoosiers of Hoosier Tech

We may be tech experts, but we don’t let that go to our heads. We’re down-to-earth, friendly, curious and persistent!  Working with us is a lot like working with friends who happen to know a lot about technology.

Here's Our Team


Founder and owner of Hoosier Technology, Jason is a Muncie native and attended Ball State. His love for tech stuff goes back to childhood when he played early video games and tinkered with electronics. Today, he collects the games and toys he loved as a kid. Jason is a huge movie buff as well. He has an extensive collection of 80’s movies (which is on display at the office!) 

Favorite Things:

Spending time with his family, Magic the Gathering game nights and road trips



Chad, also a Muncie native, is our “McGyver” — he can take almost anything apart to repair and put it all back together, with or without a manual. Chad is an athlete as well and has won several 5K races, and not just in his age group.  You can often find him riding his bike or running on the Cardinal Greenway. Whatever he does, he does with Gusto!

Favorite Things:

His German Shepherds Indy and Windsor, 3D printing, hockey and bad drivers (NOT!)


Roberta is a transplant to Muncie, although this is her second time living here. She grew up in Westfield has lived in Fort Wayne, Noblesville and downtown Indy. In her free time, she volunteers with adults who have disabilities, makes custom jewelry, and as often as possible, visits her son, who is in the Army, and his wife. Oh, she also has one diva of a cat who tolerates her.

Favorite Things:

Coffee, antiques, coffee, crafting, coffee, movies



Dylan is the newest member of Hoosier Tech. He is a Muncie native and is enjoying learning the world of IT.  He recently adopted a puppy who loves to find new things to do!

Favorite Things:

The movie Frozen, cleaning up after his puppy and live music.